Our Edge


We are active investors seeking to impact our portfolio companies by helping them scale their businesses, become global players and form strategic partnerships. We do this by leveraging our vast network of serial investors, experts and entrepreneurs combined with our own knowledge and experience as entrepreneurs.


What entrepreneurs are saying:

Strategic Partner 

From the first time I met Shelly and Mor, I knew that I not only wanted her to invest in our company, but that they would be great friends to me and the business alike. The iAngels all-star team have proven to be not only investors, but real partners, giving support to every area of our business, every step of the way.

Guy Zipori, CEO and Co-Founder, Skyline AI


We have worked closely with iAngels on every aspect of our company’s growth: strategy, business development and raising money for the next round. iAngels helped us focus our product offering to autonomous cars (our earlier product included drones) and made introductions to some tier 1 potential customers.

- Kobi Marenko, CEO and Co-Founder, Arbe Robotics

Expertise and Influential Network

I’ve worked with many VCs in my time and iAngels really stands out from the rest for being genuinely supportive in taking the time to really understand what I need, instead of enforcing what they think I need. Their expertise is impressive and evident by the high level introductions they’ve managed to facilitate with UBS and JP Morgan so far.

- David Maman, CEO and Founder, Binah.ai

Hands-On Investing

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the iAngels team.  I would highlight the responsiveness and care with which they operate, as it really sets an industry standard that should be adopted by everyone else. Unsurprising, Shelly and Mor and the entire team is readily available, willing and able to help with a thoughtful advice, access to their network, and anything a founder could ask for in a real partner that is there for the long run. 

- Oren Levy, CEO and Co-Founder of Zooz (Acquired by PayU)

Added Value

The iAngels team added tremendous value to every important milestone we achieved as a company, and we continue to consult with them for advice, which tends to be strategic, super valuable, and based on their many years of experience and wide view of the startup ecosystem.

- Eden Amirav, CEO and Co-Founder, Lending Express