Our Expertise 


Frontier Technology

Frontier technology is based on emerging hardware components in their earliest stages of commercialization (AR, VR, AI, autonomous vehicles and drones). The iNgenuity Fund focuses on technologies enabling the autonomous car – from sensors to security, eet management and others. In light of Mobileye’s IPO and $16B exit to Intel and a host of other successful automotive exits, Israel has already earned its stripes in the automotive space.


Enterprise Software

The realization that data is the most important asset to organizations together with higher computing power capabilities, is driving businesses to adopt next generation Enterprise Software solutions (Machine Learning, Cyber, Cloud Computing). Israel is a leader in this software development space, a matured market that o ers strong investment opportunities.



The competitive nance landscape is becoming more complex with early and late stage FinTech becoming a signi cant challenger to traditional nance. Israel is an important innovation hub for this sector with many global success stories attracting the world’s largest financial institutions to base themselves close to the innovation.


Environmental Technology

Environmental technologies provide tools and devices to monitor, model and conserve the natural environment. The iNgenuity Fund will focus on precision agriculture technologies that increase yields while decreasing costs for farmers. Given Israel’s leadership in this category, stemming from its geographic and environmental position. The iNgenuity Fund anticipates Israeli entrepreneurs will create substantial value in the coming years.